Important SEO Ranking Factors to Know About

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Important SEO Ranking Factors to Know About

SEO requirements keep on changing, and sometimes it is tough to stay up with the new developments. However, if you want the Google ranks to go to the top, you need to look for denver seo company.

Well-optimized websites will get higher traffic with time, and this means more sales and leads. Without proper SEO strategies, searchers cannot find your website, so hard work you put in will not be of any value.

Primary Factors to Improve SEO Ranking

Given are some important optimization parameters that can contribute to an improved SEO Ranking of your online website:

  • Use Meta Description and Key words tags – Google can opt to use relevant section of the page’s visible text in case it does the good job to match up with user’s query. By adding Meta tags to your pages will be a best practice if Google can’t find a good range of text to be used in a snippet for pages in your search result
  • Have page titles for the pages, and make sure to have tag of HTML document – Result: Title content will be displayed in the Search result
  • Provide HTML sitemap for site and search engine – You can check out specifications XML sitemaps. Majority of the CMSs now offer these feature in the software or through module or plugin.
  • Bounce Rate – Suppose Google sees no one hangs out for longer time in your website, this can impact the SEO ranking for longer.
  • URL Structure – This can lead to much better crawling of pages by the search engines

Important SEO Ranking Factors to Know About

How Does Google Search Rank Work?

When users search for information, they generally write or say words that are related to what they are looking for. It is called keyword.

However, keeping your website rank on Google is not only about making most out of the competitive keywords. It is about quality of information.

As per Google’s search quality ratings, whenever it indexes main content of every page, they check factors like:

  • Content quality & amount
  • Page purpose
  • Website reputation & content creator reputation
  • Website information and content creator info
  • Expertise, trustworthiness and authority
  • User interaction
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