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As we know, v belt is the efficient and flexible power transmission device and it is capable of transferring power to one shaft to another. It is also widely known for its trapezoidal shape and it is offering maximized stability and additional surface contact. This kind of the belt is designed from the natural and synthetic rubber and it is offering the elasticity and flexibility to bend into the sheaves. In the modern world, different kinds of belt drives are available but people are showing interest to choose correas trapeciales because it is offering vast numbers of benefits.

correas trapeciales

Things to know about v belts

Belt drive is the perfect option over other kinds of power transmission mechanisms like chain drives and gears because of its fantastic features such as,

  • Capability to change the torque and speed
  • Absorb the power shocks, fluctuations, and overload
  • Economic value
  • Low vibration and noise
  • Serve non parallel shafts
  • Compatibility with the non parallel shafts

In the competitive world, different kinds of manufacturers are offering correas trapeciales but choosing the best option is necessary. If you are looking for the convenient option to transmitting power then you can take advantage on belt drives. When compared to chains and gears, belts are the perfect and flexible option.

According to the studies says that belt drives are having low power transmission rather than other kinds of mechanical drives. V belt is composite of different types of the polymers, rubber, and synthetic rubber that could be combined with the reinforcements. It could be subjected to combined compressive stresses and tensile. If you choose sadi transmisiones then you can select the professional and branded v belt and it comes under your budget.

Essential tips to select the v belt

If you are a newbie to choose the v belt for power transmission then you are advised to follow some tips like design power calculation, speed ratio measurement, belt cross section choice, and sheave diameter choice. Choose the higher and right size that could be advised for the belt pulley diameter. Different kinds of factor might influence the belt selection like power capacity, ambient temperature, ozone resistance, shock loading, and oil resistance. You can also choose the belt based on your application. Massive numbers of v belts are available such as industrial machinery, heavy duty, and continuous operation. If you buy it from trusted and authorized place then you can get high quality v belts.


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