What is The Process For Working With an Interior Designer on a Home Redesign?

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Taking on a home redesign project can feel overwhelming. Hiring an interior designer makes the process smoother, but what steps should you expect along the way? Here is an overview of the typical interior design process from start to finish:

Initial Consultation

The first meeting with your interior designer is a chance to discuss your vision for the home, preferred aesthetics, how you use the space and your budget parameters. Come armed with photos, floorplans, fabric swatches or other examples that illustrate the look and functionality you want. A skillful designer like those specialized in Chicago interior design will listen closely and get a feel for how to bring your ideas to fruition.

Measurements and Photos

After being hired, the designer will take detailed measurements of the space and document everything through photos. These steps allow the designer to understand architectural elements, lighting, furnishing sizes needed and more. For remodels, they may also require blueprints.

Concept Presentation

Using the information gathered, the designer will put together a concept presentation or mood board for your approval. This shows the overall style direction through color palettes, furniture selections, flooring choices and more. You’ll discuss what resonates or needs tweaking at this stage.

Chicago interior design

Shopping and Ordering

Once the concept is approved, the designer starts the procurement process. They will shop for all the furnishings, fixtures, equipment and building materials specified in the plan. The designer’s industry contacts allow them to source items at trade discounts which they pass on to you.

Installation and Construction

The designer will develop a project timeline and schedule contractors for any structural work like flooring replacement or paint. They will oversee the process to ensure work quality and minimal disruption to your home. Expect regular progress updates.

Finishing Touches

As the bulk of construction wraps up, the designer adds those important finishing touches that elevate the look. This includes window treatments, wall art, décor items, furniture arrangement and accessorizing. The small details make all the difference.

Reveal and Walkthrough

The final step involves unveiling the redesigned space to you. The designer will walk you through the new layout and features, explain how to operate components like lighting and appliances and assist with any additional tweaks to get the room just right.

Follow Up

A conscientious interior designer will follow up post-project to address any issues that come up and see how the space is functioning for your lifestyle. They want to ensure you’re fully satisfied.

Working hand-in-hand with a professional like those offering Chicago interior design services makes home redesigns a breeze. Their expertise guides you through each step for beautiful, functional results.

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