What is monocouche rendering? Why it is done?

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Monocouche rendering is the process of adding a decorative finish layer applied to the exterior of the buildings to provide additional protection in different weathers to your home. is an experienced worker who works within the budget to maintain the work at high quality.

This process is not meant by painting that applies a single coat of renders that can be applied to your wall by hand or machine. Monocouche renders require lower maintenance. Weather resistant, hardwearing, and offer you an attractive finish on your exterior. offers you monocouche rendering on your exterior to give an attractive and stylish finish to your new home. That helps to keep your exterior safe from different weather. The experience render can make the look of your home more creative by using their skill in it.

It helps to enhance the look of your property and an effective way of stamping is external house rendering. The expert can help you to make your home look great and stylish. Hire experienced renders to advance in the material and method of using it. It is easy to apply on your home exterior, as it takes less time to complete the work. As the work is completed faster, the labor cost will be reduced, and using the traditional render with two coats on your home.

When applying two coats of renders, apply the scratch coat first and then add the topcoat. It is a time-consuming process when applying two coats. But this provides additional security for the building. Monocouche rendering is more long-lasting than the two-layer traditional rendering, it is also available in different colors to attract the viewers to mono rendering, so it won’t take much time as a traditional rendering for painting the exterior.

To prevent cracking on the rendering wall, it should not dry too quickly, the professional renders know how to avoid the crack while the paint on the exterior is applied. So hire an expert to avoid such cracks and damages on your exterior walls. The exterior surface with paint needs to be removed before the rendering process.


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