Selecting and Fitting the Right Mobile Towbar

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At any given time, a car can become disabled and needs to be towed. You’ll probably need a tow bar if you or your passengers are stuck in the vehicle or have broken down. The first task is to identify the tow bar best for the needs. There are Leicester Towbar Fitting that are designed for cars, trucks, SUVs and vans. Here are some tips that will help you make the perfect choice:

The weight of your vehicle

The tow bar is usually made of a steel plate and uses a ball-and-socket design. The more you weigh, the bigger the tow bar will be so that it can withstand more weight and support more vehicles.


The size of the tow bar will be determined by the size of your car and the type of car. You might choose a tow bar that is smaller if your vehicle is small but you can always choose one that is bigger for bigger vehicles. The weight capacity of each type of tow bar should be specified in its label.


You will come across tow bars that have different styles and functions. You should choose one that suits your needs perfectly. Some are made of powder coated steel while others are painted aluminum. There are also tow bars that can be installed simply by attaching and then removing a bolt.


Leicester Towbar Fitting

Tow bars come in manual and automatic versions, depending on the type of installation needed for your car’s rear end:  Manual Tow Bars require installation by you, with a guide through the vehicle’s rear end for proper positioning and alignment.  Automatic Tow Bars are designed to be installed quickly and easily by you, without the need for any guide through your vehicle’s rear end; these tow bars can be positioned and aligned with a simple, single-bolt clamping action.


The tow bar you choose should not only help you tow the vehicle but should also be able to endure rough conditions as well as protect your car from scratches that might occur during the process.


The price of the tow bar you choose will be determined by its style, durability, and size. Comparison shopping can help you find the best deal.

When choosing a tow bar, make sure to set aside ample time and consider your options carefully; it’s definitely worth it in the long-run to get a tow bar that will work for you in an emergency.

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