How Much Money Did The Presidential Boulevard-Monument Road Connection Get And Why?

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A massive aspect of the manner in which governments do their work involves them deciding what projects get money at any given point in time as well as the amount of money that said projects might receive in any way, shape or form. A big part of the reason why that is the case has to do with the fact that development of infrastructure is perhaps the only thing that governments are actually good at, so if you notice any building or construction happening it might be useful for you to at the very least try your best to learn about why that is occurring.

For example, the presidential Boulevard-Monument road connection got a lot of money awarded to it recently. At this point you might be wondering how much money it got, and the answer to your question is about $1.7 million. The next question that might be burning within your brain would be why this road got such a large sum of funds, and the answer to that is fairly simple as well.

It’s basically due to the reason that this road will help boost connectivity within the city. Urbanites have quickly started to become disconnected from one another which is something that is having a severely negative impact on their overall quality of life. This road can solve a lot of those issues and it might also just end up reducing traffic to a certain extent. Reduced traffic can result in less pollution, and that would invariably create cleaner and better air for everyone to breathe. Lung problems can decrease over time thanks to projects like this being initiated all in all.

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