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Coffee may be doing more for you than just delivering an early-morning pick-me-up. Coffee’s health impact has long been a contentious issue, with proponents claiming its antioxidant activity and brain-boosting potential, while sceptics list drawbacks such as sleeplessness, indigestion, and higher heart rate and blood pressure. However, the most recent wave of scientific information delivers a lot of good news for coffee enthusiasts. Here are some reasons why drinking coffee may be better for you than you think. You can also choose website like

Caffeine improves short-term memory

Researchers discovered an increase in brain activity, assessed by functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), in a group of volunteers who were given a dosage of 100 mgs (mg) of caffeine, around the amount contained in a single cup of coffee. The caffeinated participants’ memory abilities and response speeds were also better when compared to the control group, which got a placebo and exhibited no increase in brain activity.

Coffee alleviates depression

Several studies have found that men and women who consume coffee had reduced incidences of depression. The results revealed an inverse association between coffee intake and depression: heavy coffee users appeared to have the lowest incidence of depression.


Coffee is good for your heart

A major Dutch study that reviewed data from over 37,000 participants over a 13-year period discovered that moderate coffee users had a 20% reduced risk of heart disease compared to strong or light coffee drinkers and nondrinkers. Check with to get sweets.

Coffee can improve athletic performance

We’ve been conditioned to believe that caffeine is dehydrating, which is why fitness gurus advocate avoiding coffee before and after workouts. Recent study reveals that moderate caffeine use of up to 500 mg per day, or around five cups per day, does not dehydrate exercisers sufficiently to interfere with their activity. Furthermore, coffee combats weariness, allowing you to exercise for longer periods of time.

So, how much coffee is considered healthy, and how much is considered excessive? A normal amount of coffee is two to three eight-ounce cups per day; heavy coffee eaters have four cups or more per day. Remember that the quantity of caffeine in a coffee beverage varies based on its preparation and style.

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