When Should You Use Carpet Shampoo?

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A common misconception that people tend to have when they are about to clean their rugs or wall to wall carpets is that they will always need to use things like shampoos. There is a pretty good chance that overusing shampoos will create a situation wherein a rather slick and disgusting layer will form on top of your rug, but that doesn’t mean that you should avoid using carpet shampoos entirely. Just know that there is a time and a place in which the use of shampoos becomes warranted, and we are going to tell you exactly when they can be helpful.

If your carpet has a stain that other types of rug cleaning near me have failed to tackle, the truth of the situation is that carpet shampoos can come into play and have a great effect. This is because of the fact that these shampoos are designed for spot cleaning. Stains that are comprised of things like coffee, blood or any other kind of organic matter tend to leave behind dyes of various hues and shades, and using nothing but water in your cleaning machine might not give these dyes enough of a jolt to suck them out.

Carpet shampoos are usually quite effective in this regard, since the fact of the matter is that they can break the stain down and decompose it into several smaller patches. You would be surprised at just how much of a positive impact this can have. Allowing the shampoo to sit on the surface of your rug makes it even more effective, so we would recommend that you give it at least fifteen to thirty minutes before washing it away.

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