Some Interesting Carbon Fiber Guitar Facts You Might Want to Know

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Properties of Using Carbon Fiber Guitars

There are many types of guitars out there that are made out of various materials. There are wooden guitars, which you will always find acoustic guitars are made out of. But one of the newest addition in the guitar industry is carbon fiber guitars. And even though they are relatively new, it has tons of characteristics and benefits that make them appealing to musicians. So whether you’re a newbie guitarist or a pro guitarist that has been playing for many years, you might want to give carbon fiber guitars a look. Here are some amazing facts about these musical instruments to make you want to consider them in the future.

Interesting Carbon Fiber Guitar

Did You Know that Carbon Fiber is Extremely Lightweight?

Carbon fiber is such a mysterious material that many people basically know nothing about it. But one of its outstanding features is that carbon fiber is very lightweight. It’s so lightweight that it sometimes weighs lighter than most laptops. So if you don’t want to suffer from back pains while carrying your traditional guitars around, you might want to consider buying a carbon fiber guitar for yourself. You can easily adjust to it since it plays like most guitars you see today. Additionally, these are the ideal guitars for newbies, such as kids!

Acoustic Guitars Made Out of Carbon Fiber are Louder than Wood-Made Guitars

Another incredible feature of carbon fiber guitars is that they are louder than your traditional wooden acoustic guitars. And it’s unsurprisingly one of the best-selling promotions of carbon fiber guitars. Most professional guitars will say that carbon fiber guitars have a rich, loud, and resonant tone that’s balanced. Whenever guitarists play carbon fiber guitars for the first time, the first thing they comment about is the sound and how loud it is compared to wooden acoustic guitars. Some think that it’s not louder. Instead, it’s clear and has more prominent overtones. And with all of these sounds combined, the listener thinks it has more volume.

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Water, Humidity, & Temperature Resistant

Another feature that makes carbon fiber such an excellent material for guitars is its impervious to humidity and temperature. Plus, it’s water-resistant! If you own a wood acoustic guitar, you need to ensure that the room temperature is between 70-75 degrees Fahrenheit with a degree level of 40 to 50 percent. You also don’t want it to get wet because it will destroy the material. But with a carbon fiber guitar, it will stay as solid as the day you bought it. Plus, it’s very strong and won’t easily break. You can smash it around, and it’ll bounce back.

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