How to Tell you Had a Great Car Service and Repair

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Good service is hard to find in many areas of the industry, and none is more prevalent than auto repair and repair. If you have little knowledge of cars or have recently had to leave your regular mechanic, you probably feel like you are in the middle of a minefield of potential budget disasters waiting in the wings. Check at some of the things you can do to ensure your mechanic is worth it without spending a dime!

Customer service

Suppose you’re getting a good mood from a customer service team. In that case, whether it’s a team of people or nothing more than how a mechanic answers phone calls, this is one of the essential elements of excellent automotive service. If you run into unexpected problems with a car service, you will want to feel like they will take care of it rather than take advantage of it.


Fully booked workshop seats for the next six weeks are not necessarily a sign that you’re getting excellent car service. It can mean that you have a stressful and overworked mechanic, while your driving problems will be exacerbated in the meantime.

See how they work

Understandably, health and safety regulations prevent people from seeing the work being done on your vehicle in most workshops. When you hire a mobile mechanic, this is not the case: you can talk to him while working in his garage or his driveway and ask him what exactly is going on.

Fixed price quotes

Look for a mechanic who offers fixed rates – this is one of the gold standards for providing good automotive service. You all have had a terrible experience of having to clean the bottom of your bank account. To get your car out of the store and get to work the next day. Fixed price quotes preclude this possibility, especially when offered together with the next point.


A written guarantee for the work performed removes the fear that fixed price quotes will disrupt work. There is a reasonable expectation from skilled mechanics who do their job well and care about customer satisfaction at

Ask around

No wonder they say that word of mouth is the best advertisement! It is the most reliable recommendation you can get. When you don’t have a friend or family member who has been with the mechanic, you intend to come to your home and have the car repaired; there are alternative ways to investigate.

Reputation / Size

It is related to the previous point but in a way more critical. A large reputable company will have a track record of providing accurate quotes and resources to confidence its operations. Mechanics do not build their business on poor performance, so those who have done their business to the highest level have innate reliability.

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