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If the buyer is not looking for housing for renovation, the external side of the exterior and interior of your house will play a role for him.  To increase the chances of a quick deal, professional pre-sale preparation, which is also called home staging, will help.  But you can also improve the appearance of your home yourself. Or else sell your house to and they will look after everything and cash will be in your hand.

  • Take out everything that you do not plan to leave, sort out the rubbish left from the old days, hire a cleaning company;
  • Repair windows and doors if they creak or won’t close;
  • Repair cracks in walls and roofs;
  • make sure that the lighting in the interior and utility rooms is working;
  • Remove garbage and put an order in the local area;
  • Remove traces of pets. Not every customer will be delighted with your beloved pet and its smell, it is worth removing bowls, trays, leashes, toys and other attributes of his life.
  • If you are planning to sell an unfinished house, you should keep in mind other things. In general, tidying up and making small repairs to your home can raise the value and make more money on the sale. So, even a little interior designing and ordering in the local area will improve the first impression of the buyer during the show.

sell a house Get ready to show

If you’re planning to sell your home quickly, it pays to be prepared for a lot of showings to potential buyers.  They may be brought by a real estate agent in your absence or, in the case of a self-sale, you will have to deal with them yourself.

Show visitors all the advantages of the house, swipe through all the rooms and answer all related questions.  Don’t forget to clean and ventilate before they arrive.  The smell of coffee, cinnamon and chocolate has been scientifically proven to evoke positive emotions in people, so you can use this to your advantage.

So, having spent a little time from the beginning of the decision to sell a house studying competitors and on pre-sale preparation, you can count on the fact that the house will be sold as quickly as possible.

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