Edutrust certification: quality assurance of private education institutions

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education helps a person acquire knowledge and improved confidence in his life. it provides them with career and personal growth and helps them to take decisions in their life wisely and more confidently providing a good perspective of looking at the world and society. an uneducated person cannot be fully aware of their responsibilities, proper education enhances the thinking capability of the person making them a responsible citizen. A well-educated person can get a job and earn money easily to sustain their family and help them to withstand this competitive world.

Here educational institutions play a vital role in overall Role in the overall development of students. this is the place where the students develop all their fundamental skills and acquire knowledge. knowing the importance of education everybody wants to get educated so the demand for all types of educational institutions from pre-school to university level or professional institutes has always been high and is keep on rising.

 The government has opened many educational institutes for providing quality education to students as everybody has the right to education. but everybody wants to receive an education and the government laid institutions alone cannot admit everybody. therefore, looking into the demand and supply gap and immense profit in this sector many private institutions also came up which provide education as their business for making a profit. most of the private education institutions charge high Fees for education claiming to provide high-quality education in return. But many of these private institutions do not deliver the quality which they promised so it becomes difficult for the students as well as the parents to find correct and reliable education institutions. considering this issue, the Singapore government provides edutrust certification to private Education institutes that can consistently maintain a high standard of quality in their educational services.

edutrust certification

theedutrust certification scheme is a quality assurance certificate administered by CPE to distinguish private schools making continual improvements leading to positive student outcomes. There are three types of edutrust certification awards edutrust star, edutrust, and edutrust provisional.

  • Edutrust star- It is given to the institutes for their outstanding quality of education and welfare of students with a commendable level of performance and management institute it is valid for up to four years and given to those who achieve more than 750 points in the inspection.
  • Edutrust- it is given to institutions for sustaining an excellent level of performance in managing the institution along with providing high-quality standard education to the students. it is valid for up to four years and given to those institutions that have scored between 600 to 749 points in the inspection.
  • Edutrust provisional- is given to the institutes for attaining a minimum level of performance in key areas of management and educational services with a scope of improvement in these services. it is valid for up to one year and given to those institutions that have scored between 500 to 599 points in the inspection.
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