Dental Implants And Dentures

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We can lose teeth for a variety of different reasons. Some of us ended up having unfortunate accidents or blunt force trauma that ended up knocking out our tooth, others may have lost their tooth to disease or decay, and then there is losing a tooth or more to old age. In these types of situations, we have to consider what we can do about the space left behind by the original tooth. We can leave it as is, but that increases the likelihood of discomfort and problems in the jawbone. In this situation, your best bet is to opt for either dental implants or dentures. If you are looking into the former, you should check out Chicago dental implants and dentists you can potentially go-to for the procedure.

Dentures are detachable and can be made for people that have lost a majority of their teeth or at least two teeth. You can put them in and just go about your day as normal, and then remove them and place them in a solution at night when you go to sleep to preserve their look. Dentures can pass off as real teeth and can be a great option for some people. However, it can be irritating to other people, especially in the gums, and is ultimately not a permanent fix.

Dental implants can be screwed into the jaw and can pass off as actual teeth.  When done properly, they can pass off as actual teeth and are known to cause no discomfort or issues once they have healed. They are a more invasive procedure, but because they mimic actual teeth roots in the jawbone, they can fuse with the socket over time and prevent any degradation in the jaw bone that can still happen with dentures.

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