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Nootropicsis one of the finest companies to formulate, produce and distribute highly purified and certified quality omega 3 supplements.Omega 3 fatty acids are naturally occurring elements and we find them mainly in cold water fish and within some types of algae and crustaceans. Omegor Mind is a food supplement based on omega 3 EPA / DHA, omega 6 GLA, Bacopa monnieri, zinc and vitamins, a mix of nutrients useful for improving learning and attention skills, and reducing mental fatigue best nootropics.

Let’s look at the composition. Bacopa monnieri is a marsh plant native to India, composed of many nutrients and active ingredients, and we find alkaloids, saponins and sterols, very active substances on human physiology. Bacopa is taken for its beneficial properties on the brain , and is an excellent natural anxiolytic that counteracts stress, depression and anxiety.In addition, Bacopa, used as a tonic for mental well-being, is endowed with antioxidant powers that counteract cellular aging processes and is excellent for improving sleep and counteracting any form of nervousness.

Borage oil, whose highest concentration of beneficial substances is in the seeds, is very rich in phytoestrogens, vegetable hormones and polyunsaturated fatty acids and is a true concentrate of omega 6 . Omega 6 are important because, being among the components of cell membranes, they are necessary for the correct functionality of all tissues and are essential for both growth and brain development.Borage oil is also used in the treatment of hormonal imbalances, as it has a normalizing function, but it has remarkable properties and is useful in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases, stimulates the immune system and regulates the female hormonal balance. We also find zinc, an essential trace element for all forms of life, which protects cells from oxidative stress and participates in the efficiency of cognitive function.

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