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The popularity and need for air purifier is increasing day to day. This is considered to be a worthy investment in this highly polluted environment. However, there are many questions which are popular among the users and among the beginners who are new to these devices. Obviously they are also supposed to sort out all their queries in order to realize the fact about air purifiers.

How long to use?

Many people who are using the air purifiers are not aware of the fact that they are to be used 24/7. Many people tend to turn off the purifier after using it for a certain time period. It is to be noted that this is not the right way for using the air purifiers. These devices are to be used throughout day and night without any constraint. Only if they are used in such a way, one can experience the best result out of these purifiers.

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Will they consume more electricity?

Many people hesitates using air purifier as they have an assumption that it may consume more electricity. But this is not the fact. Since the air purifiers are to be used throughout day and night, they are structured in the way to consume less electricity when compared to that of other appliances. Hence using them will not consume more electricity as they sound to be. However, there are many advanced purifiers like alen breathesmart 75i which is made with power saving features. This kind of purifiers will help in saving money over electricity bill.

Do they have short circuit protection?

Even though the purifiers which are made in the initial days don’t come with this feature, the latest models are made with short circuit protection feature. Thus, the device will not get exposed to any kind of issues even if there is problem with electricity.

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