5 WordPress tricks to increase your website’s speed.

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You can build a great website and not attract a single person to it. A site that pools in traffic make profits and gets daily engagement should not have a slow site speed. Have a better advantage over competitors by having a fast site speed which users love and not just that but also making your site mobile friendly and inculcating every advantage you can. This article throws light on a wordpresswebsite tips you can implement into your WordPress website to make that happen.

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  • Avoid Plugin overload: Using a lot of plugins causes more harm than good, it slows down your site and makes it hard for users to have a good experience when navigating through it.
  • Compress your images: You reduce file size and precious storage space when you compress your images, this also makes your site slower.
  • Update your website: Updating keeps your website from suddenly crashing, avoiding unnecessary expenses and wasted time.
  • Get a mobile-friendly website: When you don’t have a mobile-optimized version of your content, you can’t be ranked on Google, which makes your website invisible to people, and you really don’t want that.
  • Make your website clutter-free: it’s easy to get swept away by all the fun features WordPress offers. Cluttering overshadows and distracts users from your ideal content.

These are some of the best features a great website should have, and implementing these wordpress website tips makes your site a better experience and more user-friendly to readers.

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